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Laid To Rest

This song is by Since The Flood and appears on the album No Compromise (2007).

Nothing in common, I'm not like you
You don't fucking know me, and you never will
Not an ounce of faith in you, I will never trust
I will give you nothing more
Ashes to ash, dust to fucking dust
Laid to rest.
Give your opinion, when I never ask
You're so quick to tell me what you think
You said I've changed, how would you know
You didn't know me long enough
What the fuck makes you think I care
What you think of me.
What the fuck makes you think I care
You're nothing to me.
I cannot relate to you, there's something you need to prove
What made you think I'd let you in
My friends are few and far between
I know you're kind so save your breath
Look out for number one and fuck the rest
You're concept of friendship is not my kind
The trials come and go and I'm glad they're fucking gone.

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