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In My Way

This song is by Since The Flood and appears on the album Valor And Vengeance (2005).

You failed me
I should have known it long ago
In my eyes, you've torn apart everything we had; and for what? Afraid to be a man, afraid to take a stand
I've grown tired, tired of you and your half-hearted ways
I thought you were on my side, but you were in my way
I let you waste my time
You can't take back what's gone
You're too afraid to lose, and I've lost all my life
I have been betrayed
How can you live with yourself? If I were you, I could not look me in the eye
There'll be no more holding back
Save your excuses, your actions say enough
First time, last time, you failed; you're in my way
I'd be there for you
If you needed me
I wouldn't hesitate, now I'd just walk away
You won't fail me again

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