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In My Eyes

This song is by Since The Flood and appears on the album Valor And Vengeance (2005).

In my eyes, you've taken the last, in and out of my life that fast
The way we were, never again will we be
I watched you change, you watched me suffer endlessly
Now you've afraid, afraid to lay in the bed you made
You have no fucking loyalty
More than a fucking game to me
I wish that I could make you see
You'll never understand, you'll never have the heart I have in me
Never have, never will
My loyalty, my sacrifice, left me for dead
I'm moving on; life without you is easier
What I've felt for you has been removed, 'cause you're no friend
You're fucking weak, and nothing more, there's no love lost
I see right through you
No one needs you here
You will hold nothing sacred; you have no heart
I always knew you'd break this, weak from the start
You thought that you could just take; you never gave
No reason for you 'round here, don't show your face
You have no heart
Break the bond that never was
Where's your heart? Where's your pride?

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