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If You

This song is by Since August.

Tried to savor time, only when it was on,
Only when I put these on.
My crippled limbs, face down on the floor,
And they're pushing the walls in.
Solidified, I'm frightened by these thoughts I can't overcome.
Any other time my will is.

If you see me crawl then you crawl with me.
If you see it at all, then seeing is believing.

Taste of bitter sweet, I can't take a side and I can't make up my,
Mind's a finished piece,
Knowing inside that it's never fully complete.
Push me out, weigh me down.
Drown by the hands that are holding me down, forcing me down,
I wonder.

Your fucking with dynamite, got a light,
Strike a match to hit the ground.
You think you're always right, my right, so strike a match to
Hit the ground.

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