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Can It Be

This song is by Since August.

Unknown prescription, a normal dosage, for a child,
Cursing my name in vain for the very last time.
Caught up on catching up, I caught a glimpse of who's on my side.
Hanging painting of them for the very first time.
This infections getting deeper, infestation of another kind,
Penetrate the flame is burning for the very first time.

Can it be I've grown immune, grown accustomed to this virtue
Can it be I've broke through this one...
Can it be interpretation, The explained to be defined
Can it be imagination this one...

So pass with the lecture, I've come to tell you how I feel,
Before I can't swallow this.
I've touched and I've tasted, heard, smelled,
I've never seen, the color that I paint you the portrait that I paint of you.

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