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Waiting To Die

This song is by Sinate and appears on the album Beyond Human (2005).

Waiting, breathing
The last air of my days
Slowly, dying
The most painful of ways
Certain death coming to take me soon
Nothing can cure me
My life is ruined

Living is too painful
Please take my life
Why keep me here you are wasting your time
My life is the past
My future is death
I want my last breath
Nothing can stop my descent to the end
These thoughts are my last

Keeping me from my eternal rest
Save me from this life that I detest
Then I will be free from all this pain
Tell me why you can't kill me again

Why declare such a law
It's so unjust
Let the dying decide when death should come
Why can't you see
Keeping me alive
Wastes money and time
Had enough of this life
I just want to die
Please listen to me

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