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A Killer Born

This song is by Sinate and appears on the album Beyond Human (2005).

Break from the womb
Mother's death, I am free
Nature takes course
Instincts lead, hatred breeds
Learning to kill
Such a rush, not enough
Hunting the prey
Watch it bleed, start to feed

Hunger for more
Torturing, cannibal
Eating the flesh
Still alive, keep the heads
Staring at me
Dying eyes, trophies mine
A killer born
Never stops, never dies

Dying is inevitable
I'm only creating the cause
Natures not doing it's job
Annihilate human life
Wasting the space of the earth
My war against all mankind

Tasting the blood
From the wounds, nothing like it
Screaming in pain
Still alive, try to fight it
Taking it slow
Incisions, cutting lightly
Butchered and torn
Terrified, body's lifeless

A killer born

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