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Words Through Wires

This song is by Sinaloa and appears on the album Footprints On Floorboards (2005).

Trouble came to early, this morning as I rose from bed without knowing it
Hung up that receiver and it whispered words I had never heard
Gasped as I touched it to the body
Your voice was conveying something I would be too late to realize
And yes, trouble has surely come for us all this morning
Yet, I made it through the day oblivious of the trouble to come
Again by ear piece, slowly dialed numbers to reveal the fate of us all
My ears too blind, eyes so deaf - now numb through the entire thing
Numb or in disbelief? receiver slides from fingers to the floor
Used continuously as just a messenger to hear a reaction over and over that would never quit
Silence and terror, gasps and sighs, sobs and screams, tears and silence once more

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