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Polar Bears And Cubs

This song is by Sinaloa and appears on the album Footprints On Floorboards (2005).

As a son, as a brother, speak to you father and brother we speak the words we know, feel the ways we feel
We ran - barefoot among woods, reaching up like giants - fingers outstretched, brushing the sky
We don't trade days like that in, left part of ourselves behind those doors
There are moments that never leave
So vivid, as if only this morning
A city which stole you away
Cold April, can you remember it as clear? without warning, without notice to one
Can't recall the sound of your voice, or hand in hand
So tell me stories, help me to remember - you paint the pictures, sleepless nights, sparse words, streaks like rain - picked up our pieces to never fall apart
The three move on, grow on, remember

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