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Night Noise

This song is by Sinaloa and appears on the album Fathers And Sons (2003).

Beads of sweat glisten on the brow, before the bow, of the speaker under great lights
One white in the applause does indeed pause to njoy what I so desparately want to destroy
I want those hands to stop before contact brings joy to the specific ears of their prolific boy
Those ears that filter cries of the abused into unused folders of night noise
Well beyond the folding chairs holding stares of idle admiration tands the army of an unheard nation
They don't applaud
I don't applaud
No cheers from my peers for the speaker who is showing that we are weaker and weaker and without the power to create doubt in the masses of the power of the speaker who has garnered the cheers of the masses and the fears of my peers
Of America the government I am not a resident, yet I do live in the land and stand with the people
The speaker is the president, speaking and not listening
Sweat glistening, espcaping pores
The night noise is getting too loud to ignore
The night noise is getting too loud to ignore
Power don't listen, but through filters hear so yell and yell loud, enough to hurt their ears

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