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My Hands Hold Fire

This song is by Sinaloa and appears on the album Footprints On Floorboards (2005).

If I love one breath too much, and hold it too close, I will die in its depth
If I hate new air in my lungs, and push it out enough, that, too, will bring death
If I go too far, the road will become my home
If I stay too long, the weeds will arrest my bones
So, I breathe in and out
When I stray, my heart holds my home
I resign myself to my doubts
I accept debts, while happy to loan
If my hand holds fire, I better put it to use
If my enemy has water, there is no time for a truce
My body would burn before it trickled down, and there are things to burn with the fire I found: the actors body, and the schools he founded; the tower prisons, and the ropes we're bound in
Then, retire to the mountains alone, to look down on the fields
Too old to help move the stones, but hoping things will heal

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