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Night Aeternal

This song is by Sin Origin and appears on the album Night Aeternal - Demo (2003).

As I stood in the days of My long forgotten
And certain Death
Longing for Lost Evenings
And the Nightscapes I roamed
Towards the clouds, approaching Nothingness
A barren waste far in the Skies, Below
The Netherealms
Where the Jew has forever lain
Upon the throne of a god slain
By a Black, and rusted old Sword of Legend
Stabbed farther into his wounds
A ravaged martyr who has assumed
A position
Of Death

Feeding the essence and Anima of Soul
Swept into the Vortex of extracting Might
Becoming one with Its inner Dimension
Where It was used to punish the light
I wielded the Sword,

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