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Haunting The Cloudless Black Skies

This song is by Sin Origin and appears on the album Night Aeternal - Demo (2003).

Dusk... the Night
Our Time hath come A Time for the Nocturnal Ruination of sky
Far beyond the Blazing Ancient Dark Realms
Far beyond the Cosmos
Farther beyond Time
Across the Stars We have traveled
Gatherers of Belial
On the Wings of Blight
Following Funerals under frozen Moonbeams
Following Funerals under frozen Night

Granting Death to the unworthy
We sought their lives for Our Unholy Cause
Seething souls in the Name of Malice
Breathing Death into the Darkest Self

That blew away into an Upper Tombworld
Above a shimmering and radiant Shadow
Pursuing the Secrets of a Stygian Heart
And the forbidden fruits of Aidenn afar
In desolation among a paradise bound to fail
We stood by Sin and the rise of its Second Coming
For those who wish to follow, and follow it well
Into the Limits of an Inner City Hell

Hazing Black Minds to Crystal Tunnels
Subconscious were (Our) Slaves below an Earthen Crust
A Feast of Spirits for god's forsaken
Upon the Serpent's Winds We roamed

Not even the Winter's Cold Breath Embrace
Blowing Spears of glimmered Ice in Our Face
Will stop Our endeavors to entomb
A wilting humanity that will never bloom
From across the Stars We delivered Blight
As We turned the day into eternal Night

Burning Fields Rekindled
And apparently a Blaze
In the Sight of My Eyes
Its Flame very visible by the Touch
And the glare It made on My Soul
As the Rain on the Zodiac
Painting the Hearts of the Living in Blood
My Mastercraft forged by Woe
As the Moonlight in the Seventh Storm
Standing as their "holy" Shadow
Leading them towards a spiritual state Below

...And the Darkness within took them in Her Grasp
Under Signs Infernal, of Hoof and Asp
There We raked their veins for secrets way inside
Draining them of soul
And also Blood and life
Extorting their bodies of both Flesh and Bone
Conscripting Remains for My Master's Throne

Serving crowned Delusions
Uttering Inversions of grace
Shining down below, beyond
The Valleys and Chasms of human Waste
Armed with Souls so ready to Die
Staring the down the sun, forever
Until the End of all (Time)

Committing their bodies to Conflagration
In an Unholy Convergence of melted Flesh
Stacked together, one upon another
In the Procreation of a Serpent's Nest
We rise unto the world of the living
In an otherworldly lowering to the Dead
Farther reaching than the Most Depraved Planet
Farther reaching than the Lost Forgotten Lands

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