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Delineate Chaos Bewitched

This song is by Sin Origin and appears on the album Night Aeternal - Demo (2003).

Through the Night she rode into Tunnels below
The Leaves of a black Wood
Where the Stars
Signaled a Gathering
Amassing Shadow
From the boiling Seas...

Under the Flame of a frozen Winter's chill
She called to subterranean Beasts
Retelling Damnation... and the touch
Of blessed water to Her Skin

(Siren thus spoke to her Lord and Master):
"Oh Lord Satan, grant me what is Thine
Vanquish all Christians, Christians far and wide
Spare all who wouldn't dare oppose My Dark Will
Ending life, My soul is yours
Unleash Infernal Overkill!"

So on that fateful Eve when Our Witch reported home
She stayed on Earth one final Night, one final Night alone
Hexing all of Christendom,
And the many lands within
Minions flew from certain Hell
Bringing certain Sin

Lost in forbidden essence
Sworn to the King of Night
She cleansed the lands by Her wicked Craft
Black Candles burnt incessantly
A calling end to all life
Casting many evil Spells
She gained my Master's sight
Killing off predestined priests that submerged Her Head in Coal
Commanding Her to accept their god,
But instead she sold Her Soul

Madly stabbing with scorn for Her own Flesh
She murdered Herself a Christian now blessed
It's all the same heaven or Hell beneath
So she ended Her life
With Burning Blood at Her Feet

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