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Big bunch of junkie lies
That's what you told it was televised
How can you say that I told you
To obey me, now, that ain't true

That's bullshit
And you know why I did what I did to you
You were killing my best friend
With cocaine and heroin

The son of your good friend
Is lying dead in your apartment
How many is that now
Oh will you be next on a hotel floor?

Big bunch of junkie lies
You tell yourself and your little vampires
You sucked the life of my true friend
Did what I did to make her live again

And I'd never apologize
You stole the life out of my friend's eyes
With bullshit and junkie lies
What will it take for you to realize
She left and she ain't coming home
She only needs you cause she hates being alone
She can't tell who is a good or bad man
Cause her daddy was a fucked-up one...

Big bunch of junkie lies
That's what he said and looked her in her eyes
Big bunch of junkie lies
Is all he left her when he said goodbye

Now the angels have her in their arms
And heroin will never steal her charms
And you can stomp baby feet and cry
She don't believe your junkie lies

Big bunch of junkie lies
That's what you told it was televised
Big bunch of junkie lies

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