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Who & You

This song is by Simplistic.

The light travels to my eye
Like something you cannot find in me
Flip the switch right on down
The power to live can't be found by me

Who & You

I remember what you wore
Your black dress shadows the floor
I said "I've been here before"
Inside this box
I cry for more
Please play Be Quiet & Drive
You stand there
With my band by your side

Your backs to me
Your words no longer aimed at me
Castaway, Who & You

A leather belt stole my smile
I tried to run the whole mile
I said "Why are you so far from me?"
The light travels to my eye
There's something you cannot find

Don't you see I am trying so hard
To not let you down
I may not be what you want but I say
Don't cast me away

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