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Life Without

This song is by Simplistic.

Keep it to yourself, my story line
All the changes that you find to see my mom satisfied
Keep my heart with you 'cause it's no use
Every time that you smile, my heart follows you

Parade, center stage, hoping that you feel this ploy
To compensate
Please tell me why this force from feeling failure
Left me blind
God, tell me why I never saw her before
Her face looks so pretty and my reflection's in her

Everything fades, fades to you
Everything's made, made for you

You are more than enough for me to love
And you keep the life in me

Tried to end my life, helpless, holding heartache
Blood dripping from my mouth
Gun shy with tears in my eye, I heave every last pill
Into the sink
But here you are holding onto me
Everything that I hate just goes away

Now I know why I can't die

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