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This song is by Simplfy.

I tip my hat to the wealthy man
Who lives his life the best way he can
Accumulating much material things, but he's often tainted deeply by greed

I would drop to my knees for the humble man
Oh, I give him props the best way I can
Forsaking all of the worldly things
To calmly, boldly raise his family family

Oh, Parking in the wrong spot gets you wasted
Come out you think you misplaced it
But they towed your car away
And if you park your heart in the wrong spot it gets wasted
Your hopes and your dreams get complacent
Watch them, they're fading away... away

Oh, I clap my hands for the loyal man
Who lives his life how they tell him he can, oh
Forsaking all of the dreams that he holds
To calmly fit inside of their mold
But I would jump out my seat for the inspired man
Who stuck to his guns and fulfilled his plan
Forsaking all of what the others would say
To calmly, boldly walk his own way

Calm your heart, you fall apart, You're wasting, wasting away

They'll slowly fade away, slowly fade away, Hold all your dreams 'cause I'm watching them go...

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