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Album by Simple Plan.
  1. I'd Do Anything (featuring Mark Hoppus)
  2. The Worst Day Ever
  3. You Don't Mean Anything (featuring Joel Madden)
  4. I'm Just a Kid
  5. When I'm With You
  6. Meet You There
  7. Addicted
  8. My Alien
  9. God Must Hate Me
  10. I Won't Be There
  11. One Day
  12. Perfect
  13. One By One (Japanese/Australian Bonus Track)
  14. Grow Up (Enhanced Edition/Japanese/Australian Bonus Track)
  15. My Christmas List (Enhanced Edition Bonus Track)
  16. American Jesus (cover of "American Jesus" by ​Bad Religion) (UK Bonus Track)}}
  17. What's New Scooby Doo? (Theme Song To TV Show - Bonus Track)

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