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SP (2001)Edit

Simple Plan - SP


  1. Crash and Burn
  2. Vacation
  3. One by One
  4. Grow Up
  5. My Alien
  6. Surrender (cover of "Surrender" by Cheap Trick)
  7. Happy Together
  8. My Christmas List
  9. Perfect (Acoustic)

No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls (2002)Edit

Simple Plan - No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

  1. I'd Do Anything (featuring Mark Hoppus)
  2. The Worst Day Ever
  3. You Don't Mean Anything (featuring Joel Madden of Good Charlotte)
  4. I'm Just a Kid
  5. When I'm with You
  6. Meet You There
  7. Addicted
  8. My Alien
  9. God Must Hate Me
  10. I Won't Be There
  11. One Day
  12. Perfect
  13. One by One (Japanese/Australian Bonus Track)
  14. Grow Up (Enhanced Edition/Japanese/Australian Bonus Track)
  15. My Christmas List (Enhanced Edition Bonus Track)
  16. American Jesus (cover of "American Jesus" by Bad Religion) (UK Bonus Track)
  17. What's New Scooby Doo? (Theme Song To TV Show - Bonus Track)

Still Not Getting Any... (2004)Edit

Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any...

Still Not Getting Any...

  1. Shut Up!
  2. Welcome to My Life
  3. Perfect World
  4. Thank You
  5. Me Against the World
  6. Crazy
  7. Jump
  8. Everytime
  9. Promise
  10. One
  11. Untitled
  12. Perfect (Live) (Australian/Japanese Bonus Track)
  13. Don't Wanna Think About You (Bonus Track)

Simple Plan (2008)Edit

Simple Plan - Simple Plan

Simple Plan

  1. When I'm Gone
  2. Take My Hand
  3. The End
  4. Your Love Is a Lie
  5. Save You
  6. Generation
  7. Time to Say Goodbye
  8. I Can Wait Forever
  9. Holding On
  10. No Love
  11. What If
  12. Running Out of Time (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

Get Your Heart On! (2011)Edit

Simple Plan - Get Your Heart On!

Get Your Heart On!

  1. You Suck at Love
  2. Can't Keep My Hands Off You (featuring Rivers Cuomo)
  3. Jet Lag (featuring Natasha Bedingfield)
  4. Astronaut
  5. Loser of the Year
  6. Anywhere Else but Here
  7. Freaking Me Out (featuring Alex Gaskarth)
  8. Summer Paradise (featuring K'naan)
  9. Gone Too Soon
  10. Last One Standing
  11. This Song Saved My Life
    Bonus tracks
  12. Jet Lag (featuring Marie-Mai)
  13. Summer Paradise (featuring Sean Paul)
  14. Summer Paradise (French version) (featuring Sean Paul)

Get Your Heart on - the Second Coming! (2013)Edit

Simple Plan - Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!

Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!

  1. Ordinary Life
  2. The Rest of Us
  3. Outta My System
  4. Fire in My Heart
  5. In
  6. Lucky One
  7. Try

Taking One for the Team (2016)Edit

Simple Plan - Taking One for the Team

Taking One for the Team

  1. Opinion Overload
  2. Boom!
  3. Kiss Me Like Nobody's Watching
  4. Farewell (featuring Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory)
  5. Singing in the Rain (featuring R. City)
  6. Everthing Sucks
  7. I Refuse
  8. I Don't Wanna Go to Bed (featuring Nelly)
  9. Nostalgic
  10. Perfectly Perfect
  11. I Don't Wanna Be Sad
  12. P.S. I Hate You
  13. Problem Child
  14. I Dream About You (featuring Juliet Simms)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Summer Paradise (Feat. Taka From ONE OK ROCK)
  2. A.N.I.C
  3. Almost Had You
  4. Any Given Sunday
  5. Baby
  6. Bitch
  7. Complicated
  8. Confiesame
  9. Dirtycut
  10. Don't Hurt Me
  11. Don't Worry!
  12. Dream
  13. Drop It Like It's Hot
  14. Falling for You
  15. Famous for Nothing
  16. First Date
  17. Freak Out (Avril Lavigne Cover)
  18. Given the Chance
  19. Gracias (Thank You) Live at Argentina
  20. Grow up and Christmas List
  21. Hate
  22. Haunted
  23. Hold Hard!
  24. How Could This Happen to Me?
  25. I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  26. I Don't Have One Yet
  27. I Dont Have One Yet
  28. I Miss You
  29. I'd Do Anything II
  30. Joy to the World
  31. Just Around the Corner
  32. Just Friends
  33. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
  34. One Slow Dance
  35. One Slowdance
  36. Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You?
  37. She Cries
  38. Simple Song
  39. So Cool
  40. Tell Me
  41. Try Honesty
  42. Where Is the Love?
  43. Why? Why? Why?
  44. YoYo

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