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This song is by Simple Kid and appears on the album 2 (2006).

All day long, I sing this same old song.
Round my head, the same old record's on.

Sound I know, the angels slow, and the ground disappears...
Oh my love.

Laying on the floor I think about superman: and did he ever lay around drinking, telling his friends, reefer in his hand, "Hey man some day I'm gonna make a big splash", or does that kind of talk just come to us folk who can't find an 'S' on our chests? So just keep wheeling, dealing, bus-stop dreaming, laying on the floor just staring at the ceiling.

Sound I know, the angels slow, and the ground disappears...
Oh my love.

Laying in the tub I thought about rock 'n' roll and has it already been done before? Guess so, it's just getting your dick sucked, don't make it any less good than it once was, oh my god I wish that this dream would stop. Start again.

When I get well I'm gonna move to the country, breathe clean air man, turn the televisions off for a while, Eskimo style. Gotta just breathe in, breathe out, breathe. In the city you know, get paid, you get laid, go to the clinic and you listen as the doc says: "Don't drink, don't smoke, work hard, be fun, don't eat no junk" ain't it just enough to make you wanna go get drunk? that's what I done. Well anyway the drink got me thinking what a friend had said, guess what he said: "Happiness is nothing but the flow of serotonin in your head, got nothing to do with Jesus Christ, nothing got to do with wrong or right, oh help me out Simp, can it be right? that it all boils down to how the chemicals flow to your soul?"...

...Into my soul, serotonin

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