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God On The Dark River

This song is by Simonia and appears on the album In Embrace Of Pain (1998).

On the dark river I can't see the end
In my alien family I can't find a friend
They think that I'am lonely but they're ain't right
On the dark river God will hold me tight.
Under the light of the fullmoon me and my brothers pray
For us the silence of black nights is better then sunny day
They say that we are criminals but we shall never give up
We shall destroy the everyone who will say us"stop"
Now we stay in the shadow but soon we shall enter in light
With the cowerdly christians we shall begin our fight
Armageddon days are coming black clouds fly through the sky
When we'll receive God's answer we shall ready to die
With unholy blasphemies we shall begin our ball
With the aid of Satan christians church will fall.
Give me a sigh, my Lord
Give me a sigh. When we'll receive your answer,
When we'll receive your answer
We shall ready to die.

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