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Katarina Moloditsa Poydi Syuda

This song is by Simon Wynberg and appears on the album Songs Of My People (1997).

Ani holakhti bayar veshomati bas-kol.
Dos heyst: Ikh bin gegangen in vald
Un derhert a shtim, avade fun himl:
"Katarina, molodista, poydi syuda!"

"Katarina, moloditsa, poydi syuda!"
Vos-zhe heyst es?
"Kat" iz dokh a kite,
"Rino" iz dohk gezang,
In eynem makht dos:
"Kat rino - moloditsa, poydi syuda!"

"Kat rino" veysn mir shoyn,
Vos-zhe heyst es: "moloditsa"
Un "poydi syuda"?
Vos meynt der posek?
"Mole" iz dokh ful,
"Ditso" iz dokh freyd,
In eynem makht dos:
"Kat rino, mole ditso - poydi syuda!"

"Kat rino" veysn mir shoyn,
"Mole ditso" hot ir oykh farshtanen,
Vos zhe heyst es "poydi syuda"?
"Podiso" - du host dokh oysgeleyzt,
"Shaday" - gotenyu aleyn.
In eynem makht dos:
"Kat rino, mole ditso, podiso shaday!"

A kite fun gezang, ful mit freyd,
Du host undz oysgeleyzt, gotenyu,
Zingt zhe ale, zingt in eynem,
Zingt zhe freylekh ot azoy:
"Kat rino, mole ditso, podiso shaday!"

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