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That Was You

This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Yesterday, Tomorrow And In Between (1998).

It's opaque and it's blue
It's cutting yourself in two
It's everything closing in just to crush you

It's blood on the bathroom tiles
It's a mirror you cannot smile in
It's a cabinet full of medicine to calm you

It's the veil you failed to lift
It's a cage around a silhouette
It's a letter saying forgive but please don't forget me

It's alcohol and pills
It's a heart racing uphill
It's a seizure in the hospital that ends you

It's your kid sister in the pew
It's the stained windows her eyes escaped through
It's suicide, yes that was you, when you were hopeless

It's the rain I strain to hear
It's the street now that it's clear
It's a certain something in the air I can't stop breathing


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