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She Without Shelter

This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Hotel Lives (2001).

She after twilight, she after all
She when I've lost sight of my outline on the wall
She when I can't sleep, when I'm restless and torn
With a lantern to lead me through a cold and terrible storm

Sometimes I can't breathe, sometimes I can't stand
I butchered all of my dreams to feed my dying plans
Like any desperate man
I'm a desperate man

She as a ribbon tugging on a bell
Or a pail being risen from the bottom of a well
She if we move closer, she should we remain
She without her shelter setting free the rain

I swore I was thirsty in the river and hungry in the garden
While she poured her silver into the trembling beggar's hand
Like a giant
She's a giant

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