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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Room Temperature (1993).

Well, I wanted to suspend my disbelief
And I wanted to embrace her untouchable friends
But I ended up slamming my face on the sink
Hoping somehow maybe I could change

Everyone left the party
Nobody wants to see that shit
Weekends are made for numbness
Not your acute perceptions

Not your acute perceptions
Not your acute perceptions
That's not cute, that's just not cute, she said

My grandfather sang and he drank Hank Williams
And he smoked cartons and cartons of Salem's
But he never got fed up with life
No, he was just struck down

The dignified ascend easily
But it doesn't stroke split away scars on his brain
It hurts to watch a flower unfold
And see the colors stripped away

See those colors stripped away
See them melt and spill but that's not
No, that's not what he'd have said

Well, I used to be an archer Columbus
Connecting the dots on my television screen
I explored the world from a single fixed point
A lonely conductor of my own potential energy

Now when I'm happy I savor sorrow
I throw temper tantrums and I bust a move
Inferiority ain't my passion
But it sure makes a clever excuse

Yeah, it sure makes a clever excuse
Yeah, I know it's a lame excuse
I thought if I don't choose and I don't move
Maybe I won't lose

Well, my father is a human heart specialist
But I'm just a heart worm that infests and infects
My mother is a raging perfectionist
But I just mutter with my tongue
When I scribble with my wrist

A broken record that's what everyone says
Can't somebody shut him up?
You've never been in love boy, you've just been laid
You romanticize yourself, you romanticize yourself
You romanticize yourself and it's just not good enough

Written by:

Allen Ginsberg Michael Blair

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