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Robin Hood

This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the compilation album Beautiful Losers (2006).

Well here comes a gallant Robin Hood
He's back from swingin' through the trees
He's got silver wrapped around his fingers
And gold driven deep into his teeth

Hey, what did you steal this morning?
What did you get for free?
You know I've got a wife and children
And I could use some of that generosity

See I ain't accustomed in standin' in bread lines or getting' my soup for free
But the want ads cost me a dollar to buy and the news it wasn't good enough to eat
And I know you're a man of honor, a real stand up guy
When you're not breakin' into people's homes while they sleep
You know how to impale and how to hold your ale
And your heart goes out to folks like me

You want the princes purged from their palaces
You want to spread the wealth around
While the criminals line up for portraits
Wearing royal hand me downs

Well me, I'm just a man, just a regular joe. I don't claim to make a fantastic living
I work with my hands, not with arrows and bows
And I'm not tryin' to prove anything

So, what did you steal this evening?
What did you get for free?
You know I've got a wife and children
And your good deeds are legendary

I only came to you 'cause I lost my means
And I heard you had more than your fill
You know I'd plant me a garden, but the kids are starving
And I haven't got the time to kill.

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