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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Heaven's Gate (1995).

Truth rotted in his bowls as he threw in the towel
And you watched him hang and howl at the slick-haired vultures
Now you pray he reappears 'cause they say he was a seer
With fire burning in his hands and something eating at his liver
Now you need him more now than ever don't you?

They're searching through the corn for a dead naked child
You hope she comes out of hiding before the blackbirds turn and fly south
And it may be spinning backwards but the earth is still a sphere
Where they drag your children out of the corn or from the river
And you need them now more than ever don't you?

Well they don't want your soul to be caught hanging precariously
When they find your body thawing somewhere in the corn
So they nailed up a scarecrow in the middle of an empty feild
He's frozen and he ain't doing nothingbut you can go ahead and stone him if you need to
Don't you need to now more than ever?

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