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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Room Temperature (1993).

Alex is in love with his Special K.
And Chris is in love with philosophy.
And Bill is in love with Woody Guthrie.
And I'm in love with suffering.
I'm in love with suffering.
Bill is in love with Woody Guthrie,
And I'm in love with Woody's suffering.

When I was young I was delinquent.
I was in love with vandalism.
Just like this kid in the Sunshine State
Who threw a rock through a window
And got a bullet through his braces.
The kids are all right with suffering, I guess.

The billboard said we need blood back
'Cause an act of God is a hard act to follow.
The Earth is a hostile petri-dish.
It makes that wafer so hard to swallow.
Nobody cried on Calvary
'Cause Jesus died for our suffering.

If you're not part of the problem,
You're part of the solution.
There's a color-wheel lodged in the throat of the nation.
While the brothers blow their brothers away,
The cops are getting it all down
All down on video tape.
They got it on the video tape.
'Cause the public servants are in love with public suffering.

Alex is in love with razor blades.
And Chris in love with the Minutemen.
So we all tip our waiters and our waitresses,
Even though we know they don't stand a chance.
We tip 'em anyway,
'Cause we are in love with their suffering.

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