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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Songs For The New Year (1997).

I think that smile is shutting down
Or maybe it's just flinching
The sun shot up just like a child
But these old hands are only inching
Would you believe it is my fault
I went and made myself lonely
I miss the way she said my name
Like I was a distant city

Winter came and swept away
The birds nest from my chimney
The cold air marched right through the walls
And settled her in my belly
But her memory keeps me tossing
Those letters into the fire
And the flames they're twisting to substain
A love which has retired

Now New York is not a place I'd choose
To have my body buried
But Omaha has got the trains to take
The snow to the cemetery
There is a place called home I believe
If you're willing to step out of the loop
I miss the way she held on to me
Like I was a parachute

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