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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Hotel Lives (2001).

When I can't sleep I mill around
Like a mouse sweeping the linoleum
I've got an ache inside that makes me a little mean

Now I've got a woman and she's okay
She spends the night and I spend the day
Watching TV and listening to the neighbors scream

Well it's funny how unhappy people can get
And how ugly too when all they do is regret
Losing whatever once made them feel free
Now she's a birdcage and he's a skeleton key

When I quit dreaming I want a human sleep
Let my eyes open wide for the weeds
And let my teeth turn into seeds and grow a stone sanctuary

These nights are too long so I long for these dreams
Even though I don't know what they all mean
I toss and turn talking with all the people I've seen buried

Well some I miss but some I lost
Long before they left this world as ghosts
They give me advice they tell me not to worry
It's just up the road you don't even need to hurry


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