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Hotel Suite

This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Hotel Lives (2001).

Here's another song about an old hotel
A place you can rise in the same place as you fell
To get lost in solitude and saved by yourself
And did I mention I'm alone as well

I didn't come here with a mistress or a lover
I've run away with this polaroid of my mother
You can't fill her shoes so fill the tub up with water
And if you can't cure my blues then don't even bother

It's a difficult task or it wouldn't be asked
The bed vibrates but it doesn't last
Now I need a hand removing my mask
So if you come to me afraid you'll leave me aghast

I've been pierced with a pin and stabbed into styrofoam
I've been frozen in amber and I want to go home
But first I must convince my past that I've grown
Fond of the rags I've gathered and sewn

And this is as good a place as any I've been
This is the pearce and quiet you must pay to stay in
There's a plate-glass window with a view of my skin
It's too busy out there I think I'll stay in my hotel suite

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