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Hot Tears

This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the compilation album Beautiful Losers (2006).

I pledged to my love
That I wouldn't harm her
I kept to her side
Kept still by her eyes

And the heat came summer
Through glass blew the winter
And I kept to her side
And to warm her I cried hot tears, hot tears

When the season did turn
I turned to the highway
And I broke my promise
I left for the mountains

But the forest did burn
And fell toward the ocean
Drenched and alone
I swam through my own hot tears
Hot tears.

For love is richer
Than either mountain or ocean
So hold onto her dreams
While you still know them

The pastures are a plenty
But my heart is overflowing
Soon I'll be home
And home is my womans hot tears
Her hot tears

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