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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Room Temperature (1993).

When you're up on your pedestal
They say the moon is on the present.
And when you're down in the rut they say
The blues are self-evident.

When you rummage through your purse
They say shell never escape through there.
You're the queen of this bar and this neighborhood.
This is your turf.
I don't belong here.

Hid and seek and seek and save my place.
I spy a barfly sitting down to grace.

When you're up on your pedestal
They say she looks just like Grace Kelly.
When you're groveling on your swivel-stool
They take their turns with a machete.
The apple of their bloodshot eyes.
The butt of the collective joke
Goes bumming lights where none are lit,
And manages to salvage a smoke.

Hide and seek and seek and hide your face.
I spy a barfly flickering by my homebase.

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