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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Room Temperature (1993).

She says I'm a beast
They ought to kill me and put me out of her misery
Jerkin' her around like a yo-yo
Like Godzilla walking over Tokyo
Pulling people out of windows and cars
Eating them whole without thinking twice first
Well that's me I guess,
But why don't you give it a rest?

She says a lot of things, I'm not surprised
Significant others are inclined to improvise
For example I'm the closit Don Juan
Because I chew on my ice and suck on my gums
And I make eyes at all her friends
That irresistible pack of loose ends
I'm already guilty so I guess I'll confess
If you would just give it a rest

And she says I'm a misogynist
A selfish elfish hedonist
That's just a misinterpretation
I slip on my tongue and I get a gross exaggeration
I never said Velma and Louise wasn't gender bending
Don't tell me Jesus was a woman I won't contest
You're just incapable of feeling
So you might as well give yourself a rest

I like woman but liquor is quicker
I get down in the mouth and put my mind in the gutter
And I can feel bottomless in a topless bar
Because where woman are degraded, I can't be far
Yes, that fits me like a black eye
I'm the biggest mistake you'll ever deny
A jerk, a piss ant and a scurvy insect
But at least I loved you, so why won't you give it a rest

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