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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the compilation album Beautiful Losers (2006).

Lay down drunk and make promises
I won't do that if you don't do this.
So take my hand and lead me to bliss
Take me to the room where my angels twist and shout.

You don't need a rib to make a woman
You don't need an apple to tempt a man
You just need a reason to get out of the rain
And a radio to smother the sound.

When the wallpapers ripped but the carpet is dry
Scared black cat knocked over the light
And the water by the bed is full of fluoride
But that doesn't mean your teeth are white.
You broke his heart to give it some air.
There was steam building up in there
And now there's fog collecting on the windows and stairs
When you can't see the ground you don't know if it's there.

There's nothing sweeter than forgiveness
Alcohol road will lead you to blindness.
So take my hand and take me to bliss
Take me to the bed where you're body is twisted
I've got silly putty of the soul
So take this body and make a ball.
Roll towards the door at the end of the hall
Take me to the room where the angels fall.

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