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Fearful Man

This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the compilation album Beautiful Losers (2006).

The magazine needs flippin' through
The calendar needs tearing too
The dry veins in the brown leaves start to cry

And you've got old man's hands to weigh
Anniversaries to celebrate
Purple lips to part in a heart to ransack

Every step you take is writ
Down in a great book you envision
Somewhere off in the clouds where they know you're pure

A sick shadow is hanging low
She holds your secret just to let it go
And you've never stabbed a villain in the back before

You're a fearful man
Your hands shake
And your eyes dance along the landscape
Looking for the best next place to run
Into a ditch or a dead end
Through the alley or out on Main
To the epicenter or to the sun

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