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Epilogue In D

This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album The Skeleton Blues (2006).

Sliding back and sifting through
The litter from a parade
I didn't realize I was tied to you
Until you flipped the blade

Well Time had the laugh-lines
Even its earthquakes cannot reach
When you drive all night in the palm of the moon
Just to wake up on the beach

Paralyze me with a trembling body
Paralyze me with your Polaroid face
I didn't realize I really wanted you to know me
Until you reached the gate

Purple lips from the graveyard shift
Said it takes a train to weep
But your broken tongue and tombstone teeth
Aren't yet drunk enough to speak

Well Time had its fault-lines,
Even the laughter can slip through
When the hardest thing to imagine once
Seems like the easiest thing to do

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