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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Yesterday, Tomorrow And In Between (1998).

Time to shrug your shoulders
Has passed some time ago
The sun is cutting corners
To make room for the snow
Now where are you invisible?
Are you freezing in the streets below?
Or are you still burning in that sterile time

Oh Christine, Christine
Your eyes have changed
They stare obscenely free
They careen around the room Out of breath and without colour
I wish I had the wire to yank your lover from his sleep
But I'm afraid he's lying with another
Christine Christine

What happened to the tears you tossed so carelessly?
Before you had a reason to let them go accordingly
An ocean grew around your legs and swallowed you obviously
The last look on your face I remember was disaster

Oh Christine Christine
Your mind has changed
You've checked your roots again
And the time that is remaining there no one has ever known
I wish I had the key to set you free
I'd lock the madness in
But I'm afraid that would only you alone
Christine Christine

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