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This song is by Simon Joyner and appears on the album Lost With The Lights On (2004).

Alas, our love is gone
At least I don't where it is
I know I lost it in my song once
But I thought I found it in your kiss

So I went and had my skull cleaned
They gave me a suitcase for my rage
And a balloon to hold my steam
And a tightrope to embrace

Now I know how to live alone
In a crowd or in your arms
But I don't know how to be alive
In the mirror or at your side

"It's not so easy," said the rain
"You want the wound but not the pain
To be forgiven but not betrayed
To stand naked and unashamed
It's not so easy," said the rain

Give me your tongue
Don't say a word
Give me your hunger and your pride
I'll give you the song, the mockingbird
I'll give you the color of the sky

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