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Salute The Institution

This song is by Simon Dawes and appears on the album Carnivore (2006).

Can't use it like you want
When you use it too late
And you had time before to mistreat it
Or appreciate
Better watch what you say
Salute the Institution
'Cause it's how you get paid

Getting married to The Man
Gon'na have to change your name
Smoking cigarettes at your wedding, looking like Jimmy Page
What a way to
Salute the Institution
Make the Big Mistake

Giving flowers to a corpse,
Take a moment for yourself
Assess the damages done
And put them on the shelf
Tell yourself
He'll never get to hear Lennon
Just like someone else

We're surviving like the best
Just like any other creep
Just the other day there was Ziggy
Now we're Ziggy free
Well, I can do it too
That's why I'm showing you
Salute the Institution
Like we always do

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