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Stars Are Forever

This song is by Silverfrail.

I hate this
I hate they way you me me hate myself
I hate the way you make me want you more
I hate they way there's nothing about me that I don't trust
I'm bleeding,
Cut on shards
Shattered dreams you left me with.
I can't breathe,
I'm careful not to fall into
Your arms, once I'm there I can't get out
Your eyes, tell a different story to your lips and I forget
They way you tear me up inside.
My heart speaks different to my mind and I'm left
With that could've been.
Sometimes I sit alone and watch the stars watch me
Sometimes, I can't go on, I wanna give up
And sometimes I make a wish that you were here with me.
I'm stuck in a riddle
Can't find the answers that I'm looking for.
And I remember how we drunk the time together
And how you said
" Stars are forever."
Then I realized that I colud make your life better
By leaving town,
Well I'm leaving town for you;
I'm going home.
My heart has been severed you said stars are forever;
They didn't even show that night...

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