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Dusk,dawn And Their Cries

This song is by Silverfrail.

Allure me to your somber stars
Drown in eerie chaste
Midst of Marbled touch
Lacerate my livid eyes.
Manifested on cinder marks
I lye bare in robes of lust.
Restraint me to your words;
I live by them forever more
They appease my heart with cause,
Fuck with me;
My emotions, are more then wilted now.
Like broken wombs in spider webs;
Silver is the Lining in your eye.
With bitter tears she feeds her cunt for my yearning
To this I crafian for finger
Let me lick the rancid lies of your tongue;
I'll fuck you over.
Skies don't stay so bright they darken,
Oceans aren't so blue in black tears...

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