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1,000 Shattered Hearts ( When's Mine Turn?)

This song is by Silverfrail.

You gave me some other perfect smile.
As for stars
Their where we watch the ground
As I watch you.
Its hard to see through your lies.
I'd let you have an inch but you'd take a mile.
His head is full of fears and doubts
Life is a deep anxious pile.
Manifold lineaments
Belated revelation;
Metaphoric tears
Drip down the eyes
That have now been closed.
Point me at stake to my inside.
And I know now what I was before:
Something pushed aside
Death march,
Muffled drums
Remains of a carcass,
In a pit outside of town.
It's over now
I changed for her;
For me
As for you,
Everything is perfect
Everything is perfect right now
I'm dear in these eyes