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Silver Convention (1975)Edit

Silver Convention - Silver Convention

Silver Convention

  1. Save Me
  2. I Like It
  3. Fly, Robin, Fly
  4. Tiger Baby
  5. Son of a Gun
  6. Always Another Girl
  7. Chains of Love
  8. Heart of Stone
  9. Please Don't Change the Chords of This Song

Get Up and Boogie (1976)Edit

Silver Convention - Get Up And Boogie

Get Up and Boogie

  1. Get up and Boogie
  2. No, No Joe
  3. You've Turned Me On (But You Can't Turn Me Off)
  4. San Francisco Hustle
  5. You've Got What It Takes (To Please Your Woman)
  6. The Boy with Ooh-La-La
  7. Old Wine in New Bottles
  8. Play Me Like a Yoyo
  9. Thank You, Mr. D.J.

Madhouse (1976)Edit

Silver Convention - Madhouse


  1. The World Is a Madhouse
  2. Plastic People
  3. I'm Not a Slot Machine
  4. Fancy Party
  5. Dancing in the Aisle
  6. Everybody's Talking 'Bout Love
  7. Magic Mountain
  8. Midnight Lady
  9. Land of Make Believe
  10. Madhouse (Finale)

Summernights (1977)Edit

Silver Convention - Summernights


  1. Summernights
  2. Wolfchild
  3. Hotshot
  4. Voodoo Woman
  5. Telegram
  6. Ain't It Like A Hollywood Movie
  7. Save Me '77
  8. Blame It On The Music
  9. Disco Ball

Love in a Sleeper (1978)Edit

Silver Convention - Love In A Sleeper

Love in a Sleeper

  1. Love In A Sleeper
  2. Mission To Venus
  3. Take Me, Shake Me, Wake Me
  4. Get It Up
  5. Acuestate Conmigo
  6. Spend The Night With Me
  7. City In The Sun
  8. Breakfast In Bed

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