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The Lure Of Beauty

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Firewater (1996).

Take a look at the script forget your cues ignore your lines
Fail that gut check stop the clock
Empty vessel macho man come on let me hold your hand
Don't try to talk don't try to walk or even breathe without me
You got it all wrong
It is the lure of beauty

I'll be there in a minute when I can spare some time
I got to get a hardon
It's something I invented and I think you might like it
The way you drift like a dreamboat
And you shake like a battleship
Life ain't ever dull
When the deepest of the green seas holds your lovely hull
You got it all wrong

The Lure of Beauty
Helps you do what you want to do and say what you mean
It means you don't need a home
And you don't need your friends
Doesn't seem like such a good thing does it in the end

You're dreaming on the left side all right
Take a rocket to the right side's shibboleth
Being truly free ain't ever as easy as just being bereft
I studied your conception and your daddy didn't know
That your momma was obsessed with the ceiling fan
And the open window and the way that the wind blows
You got it all wrong

I'm taking a leap into the ozone's fade
I got drunk on electricity again
Did that hard water break your back
Did a pile of rock and roll do it
Did you dip into heaven with bells on your balls
The freaks of nature call you home
You got it all wrong
I'm the hammer you're the peach
You got it all wrong
It is the lure of beauty

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