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Tarnished Angel

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Firewater (1996).

I thank God for relentless thirst
Corn liquor can't speak unless you drink it first
I toasted him before the set
Shouldn't fly a plane drunk on anisette
He counseled through the bourbon haze
Never use a cruelty when a joke will do in its place
I always drink before the race
It's a savage world not afraid to show a savage face

In a world of swarming flies
Not an angel or an athlete could live so high
To clip the pylon's edge
It's a rookie mistake, it'll be on the rookie's head
The crowd's a rapacious beast
You can feel its hunger before every feast
Thanks for advice my sodden friend
I'll look deep inside to see if I belong with the men

Not one of you
A tarnished angel

On the night I said goodbye
It was for effect
I dried my eyes

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