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Said It Too Late

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Blueblood (1998).

Said it too late, said it too soft
To touch them is all I want
Don't mean the skin, don't mean the face
I do mean in that unseen place

With a girl that I don't know
She said "I like you 'cause you got some soul"
That's just the blues I learned from the English dudes
It's nice to hear that I'm not cold as ice

The only reason that I won't die
Is that I won't see you on the other side

As we talked I felt a test
As Ulysses pit his strength at last
Against a viper and a siren
And like him, I'll never break and run

Trying hard to bring me down
But I'm the one who decides to be found
On the island at last I'm free
I feel the love, and I'm happy

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