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This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Firewater (1996).

Ever wonder why there's an end to it
Clockwise slipping down a clogged drain
In that period two dimensions out of three
Tried to fit it like a broken chain
The mirror can't explain to the crowd
Just how the con went down
Tonight's act is in a double-lined garbage bag
For your pleasure with a top hat and cane
In the quicksand it's on land and offshore

Ever wonder why people disappear
Sucked under by the day's tight undertow
A thick accumulation of boredom and fear
On a raft made out of rotten sticks
Caught on a sea of bad risks
Catch it soon
Is that the seventh wave
Don't dawdle over twice-tried failures
Have you ever seen how those wolves behave
Quicksand you're on land and you're offshore

Ever wonder why there's a house that sits
As empty as the day that someone finished building it
Birds on the highway
Rat on the porch
They're singing to the people who used to live next door
They don't answer that phone anymore
The quicksand is on land and offshore

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