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Killing My Ass

This song is by Silkworm and appears on the album Firewater (1996).

Here comes a regular and I'm not much of a screamer
But I'll try to stumble through
I know you haven't been downtown
Or I'd see a big smile on your face
Any time any place I think like you think
Me and the new big thing are gonna kill everything in sight
We'll be the crushers of fun and the bringers of doom
Last anchor of news -- it's a chance to make everyone else lose

After the carnage has rotted away
I see that he's still clean a smooth running machine
But the bastard can't dance and I'm an animal
The tragedy is that the bastard and I share blood

Can't even say that the bad crazy sun made him do it
Didn't make him do anything
The sun's just a ball that sits in the sky
It's no excuse 'cause you make it inside
Use it inside until you lose it inside

You're so sad and lonely
Such a sad-eyed phony
You remove yourself from harm
You're not really from the farm

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